Transmission Technology

Cloud for Network provides end-to-end wireless networks for mission-critical applications in oil and gas, public safety and service provider markets. These solutions use technologies that are designed and purpose-built to deliver the most powerful, versatile and reliable networks on the planet.


Cloud for Network provide products operate both point-to-point and point-to multipoint to distribute high-capacity low-latency IP communications across wide areas and wide spectrum ranges.
This specialized technology, based on OFDM, has the following key attributes:

  • High Capacity:Can deliver capacity of up to 150 Mbps of actual user data over the air
  • Long Range:Can carry voice, video and data at distances over 80 Km
  • Low Latency:millisecond latency ensures that even the most time-sensitive services can be delivered over wide areas
  • Versatility:Cloud for Network provide platform that brings the option to operate on any frequency between 100 MHz and 6 GHz including licensed, reserved and unlicensed bands
  • Efficiency:Capable of packing over 9 bits per second per Hertz of information for transmission over the air, while being flexible enough to support channel sizes ranging from 20 MHz to below 1 MHz for the most efficient use of any available spectrum
  • Reliability and Ruggedness:technology drives products that operate unattended in harsh environments for years, at temperatures that range from -40 to +75 °C, and in harsh conditions as demonstrated by IP67 compliance and the ability to operate in hazardous zones.


People and machines connect to the backbone using “edge” technologies in products that can be provided by our partners


For mobile devices using native voice and texting within a 400 meter radius, Redline supports LTE at the edge. designed and manufactured Ellipse-4G small cell base station delivers cost effective LTE coverage in any part of a network in partnership with a service provider, or as a privately-owned LTE network


Support for virtually any commercial Wi-Fi product at the edge allows you to create local area wireless hotspots for mobile device use (IP data and VoIP) in any part of the network. Support for tagging and Virtual LAN configurations bring corporate Wi-Fi policies to the edge to ensure that remote Wi-Fi hotspots are as functional, reliable, easy to use, and secure as in the corporate office.


Ever versatile and ubiquitous Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity is built into every edge product sold by Redline including the Edge, eLTE-MT, Enterprise, RAS-Elite and RAS-Extend products. It is enhanced with support for QoS, security policies and open-standards IP tagging.


Connect Remote Terminal’s serial port interfaces support all popular SCADA protocols such as Modbus for wide area M2M monitoring and control operations.